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MoldPro specializes in chemical-free mold remediation, testing, inspections and consultations. We're Michigan’s leader in chemical free mold remediation.

When your home or business is experiencing a mold related problem, we understand the need for indoor air quality to be healthy so you aren’t breathing harmful air contaminants.

It’s our mission to take action to remedy your issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

As a certified chemical-free mold remediation company, we know that many techniques used today will not get to the root of the mold and can actually further deteriorate a home’s physical and ecological condition.

We thoroughly remove the source of the contamination and restore the indoor air quality with methods that are genuinely effective.

We have years of experience working with homeowners to eliminate mold, and return your home to a safe ecological condition.

To ensure your job has been done correctly, we provide independent mold clearance testing so you can be assuredthat your home has been returned to a normal, healthy ecological condition.